Ghost Folders - email bloating - messages doubling

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Ghost Folders - email bloating - messages doubling

Post by grahamdms »

Hello , thought i'de share this.

So for about 2 months now we have been dealing with Active sync mail account email folders doubling , and tripling email messages stored in folders under the inbox.
I have had a ticket open with mail enable now for 1 month. They have tried multiple fixes and even went to the developers to see if they could recreate the issue and were unsuccessful. I even checked my personal active sync email folders stored under my inbox and folders that are only supposed to have 2 email messages in them now had 10. Once i clicked reset from server the folder goes back to normal size , until a couple of days later when it decides to bloat again. Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue?

Im using mapi 2.73 which was given to me with the fixes or whatever , but as of last night my clients machine as well as my own still continue to bloat.
this is very annoying and causing outlook to become extremely slow and unstable as it thinks the mail account is double the size that it really is.

Anyone experiencing the same thing or are we the only ones?

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Re: Ghost Folders - email bloating - messages doubling

Post by MailEnable-Ian »

Hi Graham,

We were able to emulate your problems and have issued you with an updated MAPI kit to install. Please update the status and this thread if the new kit has resolved the duplicate behavior. Also ActiveSync is not MAPI. They are 2 different services and are not related. They do however provide full sync of the Outlook client.

Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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