Autodiscover Primer (Multiple Postoffices) please help

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Autodiscover Primer (Multiple Postoffices) please help

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I have autodiscover working for my main (company) domain. No problem: SSL enabled and functioning

Now I have about 30 other domains that would like this to function but lets just talk about the first one. I have configured with the SRV record (identical to pointing to for results). When I try to test autodiscover using microsofts autodiscover test online, it fails. It seems I need to create an A record in the dns for (which exists for I did this. Now the test complains that the SSL certificate name does not match (of course).

Do I need an SSL certificate for each domain that wants to use autodiscover? And then provision an IP for that certificate? I was under the impression that I can do all of this with a single provisioned domain and have all other postoffices report their settings from that (via SRV record). Each test I tried I also tried setting up the mail account on a device and have yet to see this successful through autodiscover except for which works great.

Thanks for the help!!

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Re: Autodiscover Primer (Multiple Postoffices) please help

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