Cannot configutre autodiscover on multiple postoffices

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Cannot configutre autodiscover on multiple postoffices

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I've read and reread the instructions on the main web site and in the forums and I cannot seem to get this to function on anything other than the main postoffice. Here's what I want to do:

Main postoffice (call it "") is configured with ssl. The autodiscover settings (in the ActiveSync Management Tool/Autodiscover tab) is set to

Domain reporting mode: Fully Specify Demain -

I created the neccessary DNS entries including a SRV record and the A record for

This works great for creating connections to Autodiscover functions great and the Microsoft Connectivity Tool passes (with warning).

Now I want to create the same autodiscover for "Other.Com". I did all the above except there is no SSL for I point the SRV record to When I run the Micrtosoft Connectivity Tool, it passes exacty as the other does but yet autodiscover doesn't work.

Do I need an SSL cert for every postoffice that uses autodiscover or can all the postoffice "share" one autodiscover config? They all use the same server names (


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