EAS error config

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EAS error config

Post by walter.carro »

Hi everyone.

I have a issue on my mailenable with autodiscover settings.

i have two service on my iis
Binding: --type: https --hostname: no --Port: 443 --Ip:
*MailEnable Protocols
Binding: --type: https --hostname: no --Port: 443 --Ip:

Webmail works with ssl perfectly on DefaulWebSite,but i cant conect with autodiscover on outlook 16.

Activesync works fine with Mailenable protocol on outlook 16, but i dont have webmail. "Unnsupported" is the error.

Anyone know why i can connect with "MailenableProtocol" but cant with "DefaulWebSite" if i have same configuration?

Config on iis is same
config on dns is same
config on mailenable is same
cert ssl (mydomain.com) is same.

If i install ++MeWebmail on *MailEnableProtocols works?

Any ideas or small help for this issue?

Thanks alot.


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Re: EAS error config

Post by IBuser »

I solved by adding in the windows host file autodiscover.domain.com

In this way autodiscover does not respond and outlook does not wait.

Otherwise you have to buy another ssl certificate for autodiscover.

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