Activesync licensing question

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Activesync licensing question

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Please clarify this statement:

What happens if I need to increase the number of ActiveSync Licenses within a
given period?

If you need to increase the number of licenses within a licensing period, the total number of licenses needs to be
purchased, and the license period is reset. You are not able to buy extra licenses and “add” them to your current
usage. It is important that you purchase as many licenses as you require within a 12 month period.

Your online portal states:

Upgrade User Allowance - increase the limit on the number of users for the selected license (to the next highest allowance bracket). Note: Because this is an upgrade, the expiration date for the license will not be extended.

If upgrade my user allowance, is cost of the upgrade prorated to the end of the current license period?


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Re: Activesync licensing question

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When you upgrade a license and you are within the period, best to contact our sales persons for the upgrade cost. Normally it can be discounted so you are credited for the unused period.

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