Outlook for Mac 2019 & Office 365

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Outlook for Mac 2019 & Office 365

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We are trying to get Outlook for Mac 2019 to connect via active-sync to latest versions of Mailenable Enterprise. It seems that EAS is not built into Outlook for Mac 2019 but only EWS (Exchange web services) .
Does Mailenable Enterprise have a feature that needs to be enabled to allow this active-sync type to work?

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Re: Outlook for Mac 2019 & Office 365

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Not in current versions. We are working on EWS implementation for future releases but don't have a specific release date sorry.

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Re: Outlook for Mac 2019 & Office 365

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The lack of EWS support makes mailEable pretty much useless for eM Client as well if folder and calendar sharing is needed.

With July 2020 approaching: is there still no timeframe when we can expect EWS support?

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