EAS not sending mail and showing wrong licenses consumed

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EAS not sending mail and showing wrong licenses consumed

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Gooed morning, since a couple of days we encounter a strange behaviour of the EAS protocol.

First we do use the last version of ME 10.34 on a Windows server 2016 (all updates installed); it's a stand alone mail server so no other aplication is running on that server.
Second we have used EAS for several years now without any problems.

What is the problem?

In the EAS management tool you can see the licenses consumed. It has the value of 2.
But we do use 8 diffrent mailboxes as shown on the tab Devices.

The problem is that we cannot use the EAS protocol for sending mail; receiving does work but sending will make the mesage send disappear (also not found in any log file).
Of course we dit a complete unistall of the accounts involved (phone and outlook) and then a re-install. But the problem stays; receiving mail no problem but sending mail...

Hope somebody can point me to the solution (and yes we did several reboots of the server etc).

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