"mewebmail" spam Connections

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"mewebmail" spam Connections

Post by Sylexo »


i have a Problem with one of my Windows Servers. I have already uninstalled MailEnabled on this Server because it doesnt need Webmail. After uninstalling i restarted the Server and made sure, theres no Service of ME running anymore.

Then i've had a look in the netstat console and see, that mewebmail spams TCP connections on any ports. Can you help me to solve this problem please ?

netstat looks like this:


Please help, thank you.


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Re: "mewebmail" spam Connections

Post by MailEnable-Ian »


Cant see the image in your post. Also when you say mewebmail spams TCP connections what do you mean? Does netstat report a "Mewebmail" process using TCP connections? Or are you referring to the w3wp.exe IIS service?

Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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