Calendar Event Mail Problems

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Calendar Event Mail Problems

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Making a new calendar event and check ( send an email to each attendee) has the problems below:

a) The receiver will see this message in his mail list without the Display Name. Users are used to see the display name, Instead the mail seems sent by the email address witch is confusing. (every mail sent by the account shows the display name to the recipients).

b) If the event contains foreign characters like greek (and other non english I suppose) the .ics attachment is unreadable with strange symbols and characters. If you accept/deny it works but I wonder who is going to interact with such a thing.

For someone receiving such a message I suppose he will delete it and mark the address as spam, please fix it

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Re: Calendar Event Mail Problems

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What client are you using to send the meeting request? Are you using web mail or third party client?

Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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