Indexing Service concerns 10.39

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Indexing Service concerns 10.39

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We have had issues with indexing service since moving to v10 in general - every upgrade has the same issue. We traced it to a conflict with Windows Defender A/V and Security. We found where it is recommended to exclude the postoffice root folder from Defender to prevent this from happening.

The issue we have is that Defender is apparently detecting things that ClamAV is not - which is expected in most real world configurations - no "one solution" covers it all with virus/malware detection.

We have Defender excluded from interfering in "Program Files\Mail Enable" folder and two A/V apps work together just fine with that configuration and are keeping the mailboxes clean.

Please advise if there will become another solution to this issue that does not require us to disable a working security solution and allow virus/malware to be stored in order for an index service to function without crash.

Other than the two issues we have noted, the software functions EXTREMELY well, and we have had great satisfaction with it for over 12 years now. Thank you for your time in this matter.
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