Error in SMTP Relay while using release 10.45

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Error in SMTP Relay while using release 10.45

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Hi there

I am facing a new issue with latest release of ME.

While sending mails using outlook or thunderbird to non - local users i.e. not created in mailboxes, I face and error of mail bounce as
03/09/23 09:43:02 SMTP-IN E2897998568F40C39111088D713C4D86.MAI 1920 RCPT RCPT TO: <> 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable or not local. 67 35

I use smtp relay option to send mails to non existent users. Through web browser, its working fine and giving no issue. But client using SMTP option are facing this error in new release.

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Re: Error in SMTP Relay while using release 10.45

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You need to either authenticate with the email client or your IP address needs to be able to relay. Check the rest of the log for the connection to see it it tries to authenticate. Or if you are allowing the IP to relay without authentication check the SMTP Debug log at the time to see why it is not allowing it.

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