AJAX/HTTPRequest API issue on ADD-APPOINTMENT SendMail=1

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AJAX/HTTPRequest API issue on ADD-APPOINTMENT SendMail=1

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We have the ME prof. 10.45, we are using the AJAX/HTTPRequest API method "ADD-APPOINTMENT" to set up some customized events, we get to add the event in the calendar without issues and the information we put in, we see it. So far, so good.

But we have realize that when we add attendees using the interface and set the SendMail=1 (SendMail BOOLEAN Set to 1 to send an e-mail to each attendee, 0 otherwise), the server doesn’t send any invitation to the list of attendees.

Using the mailenable client, we see the appointment properly created and the list of attendees and the flag (Send an email to each attendee) properly marked. And if we simply update/save again the appointment using the mailenable client, the invitations are properly sent.

Seems that using the API, there is an issue and the trigger to send invitation to the attendants list.

Even it is worst, if I create an appointment using the API with attendees and I remove it using DELETE-APPOINTMENT, it is deleted and the attendees receive the cancelation update of an invitation that they never have received.


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Re: AJAX/HTTPRequest API issue on ADD-APPOINTMENT SendMail=1

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Sorry, the documentation appears incorrect for this. The item is SendEmail, not SendMail. We have updated the PDF document now on our website.

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