Major IMAP Issues - 10.37 -> 10.46

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Major IMAP Issues - 10.37 -> 10.46

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We recently updated from 10.37 to 10.46 and ever since have been having massive issues with all Outlook clients using IMAP. Outlook has become unresponsive when trying to move mail between folders or switch between folders for viewing when using the client. Users in the same postoffice/domain who are using thunderbird have not noticed any change, however all Outlook users are complaining regardless of whether their mailbox is small (a few hundred Mb) to large (10-15 Gb).

No other changes were made at the time or since, and we have no other explanation.

Anyone have any insight?

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Re: Major IMAP Issues - 10.37 -> 10.46

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IMAP has been a total disaster since about 10.37/10.39 -- stalls, massive spikes in resource usage (average 800mb ram for IMAP - spikes to 4gb and that's on large or small mailboxes - it's totally random). Add in complaints from our Outlook clients too regarding performance - having to force-kill Outlook just to complete mail transfers, etc. We currently have to restart all MailEnable services daily (and have to keep the indexing service at lowest priority because of it's resource-cpu hogging behavior).

Combine that with waiting for version 11 for over 3 years now based on past release schedules - all while still paying AUP (to the point where we paid more for AUP than we would have if we outright purchased v11 if it ever came around) --

MailEnable used to have a strong development team and have continual forward progress with the software - but somewhere that all stopped. Now all we get are point releases that are usually more trouble than they are worth. Webmail interface is a decade out of date compared to other offerings (and barely functional on large mailboxes) - and the list keeps getting longer as time goes on.

At this point, we gave up on any sizeable progress --

MailEnable would be best served open-sourcing the software if they're having such an issue in development and start selling service contracts and licensing their MAPI and EAS add-ons for revenue instead because at this point, the only thing it's got going for it is it is price...

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