Unable to create new mailbox

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Unable to create new mailbox

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This has happened twice now when adding new mailboxes. The two instances were on different domains and different post offices.

I get an error when adding the new mailbox. I try to add the mailbox again and it takes it but it shows that it is disabled. So I right click on it and enable the mailbox and it disappears from the mailbox list.

It leaves a folder behind at \Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Postoffices\{postofficename}\MAILROOT\ I delete the folder and try again, exact same thing.

I believe this is an issue with a piece of mailbox configuration from the first set up error being left somewhere that I'm unaware of. The second time this happened, I was able to resolve the issue by deleting the whole post office and starting over. I can't do that with the other domain because I have other mailboxes in use.

It looks like this is not a unique problem. This same problem has been posted in the two support posts below but with no apparent resolution. Anyone else had this issue?



Thanks for any help.

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Re: Unable to create new mailbox

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Is it any mailbox name? Mailbox names are stored in different configuration files for different postoffices. If it already existed, and was in some configuration files, then adding and removing the mailbox should correct them. I would add the mailbox, then if it was showing as disabled, check the mailbox configuration file to see if it contains only one entry for the mailbox:

Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices\mailenable\mailbox.tab

The first column will have the mailbox name and the second column indicates whether it is enabled or not. So will be 1 for enabled or 0 for disabled.

If it disappears when you try to enable it, it sounds like the configuration file is not being updated, possibly you are logged into the server and do not have permissions on the mailbox.tab file? Trying saving the file in Notepad when you open it.

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