ASP Email Problems

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ASP Email Problems

Post by bcupps » Tue Aug 20, 2002 7:30 am

Ok, I have a client that has their webserver behind a NAT box with port forwarding turned on (don't ask, it's a $ issue). One of their online forms sends an email to one of the reps. The email server (MailEnable) is the same server as their webserver. Problem is that when I try to send an email to the domain (using CDONTS - yes, I changed the port), it never makes it to the rep's inbox. I'm assuming that it's because since the server is using NAT, the MS-SMTP service can't connect to the MailEnable SMTP service. Problem is, they just told me they weren't getting any emails (after over 2 weeks like this).
Here's my question... How could I get the emails that are sitting in the MS-SMTP outbox? I thought about setting that server up as a DNS server for itself & linking the domain name to the private IP. Think that'll work?
Also, I've searched the KB but can't find out where to get info on how to use the MailEnable component to send email via ASP. Anybody point me in the right direction?
Now if I can just get the mailing list to read from a DB... :wink:

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Post by totomds » Tue Aug 20, 2002 5:05 pm


If you want I could make you a converstion utility/script for your db to list server file?


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