MESnoop Utility

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MESnoop Utility

Postby rkung » Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:23 am


I have Standard Edition 9.01 in one of my friend's office and have MESnoop running in the MTA pickup and it does not work. I checked the log and I get "Filters are not licensed and will not run". I even tried an older version of Standard Edition and it does not work, I know it cannot be the version because I have another Mailenable server in another friend's office and that office is running Standard Edition 8.60 and MESnoop works perfectly with a pop account. What did I miss or what else can I do to make it work, my friend of course want to use this utility to see all incoming and outgoing mail from the staff. I checked the settings on the office that is working perfectly and everything is the same.

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