Unable to receive email from gmail account

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Unable to receive email from gmail account

Postby vishaldesai85 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:30 pm


I have a strange situation where im unable to receive emails from gmail account. I mean, there is a huge delay in receiving email from gmail account. Incoming emails from yahoo, live and any other accounts works fine.

The issue faced is only with incoming emails from gmail. There is no bounce back at gmail account, which is an indication that email is sent but in the inbox of destination email account, I'm unable to receive emails from gmail in timely fashion. Delay is ~24 hours to 12 hours...Nothings fixed.

Any inputs on the same would be helpful

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Re: Unable to receive email from gmail account

Postby myourchisin » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:14 am

Are you forwarding From your ME server, or are you fetching E-mail from your mail Client Via Gmail?
(It sounds like you are fetching from the Gmail client to your ME server.)

Gmail is not like the old days, it now knows when you are trying to use the poor man's exchange, and the more mail volume you have, the longer it sets a delay between fetching. I've worked around this personally by simply forwarding all mail from my ME server to my Gmail account. I then setup a SMTP "Send mail As" Connector via GMail, and set it as my default for sending.

Gmail now acts as my collection bucket for all my forwarded E-mail address's from my ME server. I can also set multiple SMTP connectors to the mail boxes on my server and reply to any E-mail from that mailbox within the Gmail client (PC or mobile)

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