webmail displays username / password for user johnshen

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webmail displays username / password for user johnshen

Postby cjfp » Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:42 pm

My registrar namespro.ca is running MailEnable. When I use their webclient from Firefox on Windows, clicking around in the options section, I get a strange popup where Firefox asks me if I want to remember user johnshen, password asdfaasdf. This is reproducible behaviour. I clicked show password to demonstrate that I can see the password. I do not know of a user johnshen. I asked namespro about this and they said the problem was in my browser, so I decided to report it to you. I thought maybe it was just a testing username/password built in to the software rather than account details getting leaked. I don't know what version of MailEnable they have, or whether this is a real security issue. I've never seen this kind of behaviour before and I'm reasonably good about security. Please can you pass this bug report to your developers? Maybe just searching for johnshen in the codebase is enough, I don't know. Screenshot attached, hope this helps.
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