Can't access mail or admin using URL - 404 error

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Can't access mail or admin using URL - 404 error

Postby LBv9 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:33 pm

Setting up ME Standard 9.75 on 2016 server. I need to access mail via URL before I point the DNS to the new IPs. I am having inconsistencies when access admin and mail using IPs. I have no problem on my 2003 server ME Professional old version. I can access mail and admin using the DNS/ or the IP/. Inconsistencies: 1.) Email #1 - I can access meadmin but not webmail. 2.) Email #2 - I access admin only if I enter the entire URL IP/meadmin/Mondo/lang/sys/login.aspx. Otherwise I get a 500 error. Cannot access webmail. 3.) Email #3 – has the DNS pointing to the new IP, web site displays, but I cannot access admin or mail using the DNS or IP. What setting(s) could I have overlooked to get the 3 accounts accessible via URL? I've compared them to each other. I don't see the missing part. Thanks.

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