Mail hack, SSL setup, security issue.

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Mail hack, SSL setup, security issue.

Postby tomy300 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:40 pm


First thank for this great product.

here my config :
- Windows server 2012 R2
- Using only one IP
- I use port 25 for Pop amd smtp port 4110
- I use CloudFlare as DNS server.
- Using and use this for all other Incomming/Outgoing Smtp/Pop setting

I got some issue with mailenable, spoof issue localy from the same domain. I make sure to check "SMTP Authenticated senders must use address from their postoffice." also I make sure to check "Authorized connection can spoof sender addresses" and it's always happens
Authentication/Security type, I didn't check any of them,

I desactivate PTR Record Check, because some domain are not configured correcly and mailenable reject them, I received
complain from my customer about this. I know that it's the best method but I can't ask other legit domain to setup their PTR..
seem that not everyone use this.

Question : It's there a way to backup mailenable domain's setting and options, so if I make some test I could rollback to the default setting. ?
Question : It is possible to install SSL for one domain only and leave other intact ? I can install certificate in IIS and probaly use it in ME, one of my client want SSL for their email, Do I need to buy certificate for this or I can use makecert for Maileneable. I don't want my client have any popup because it's selfmade certificate. I need to make another MX in CF I thing for this particuliar client or there's a setting in ME for this?

here some shot of my mailenable setting

Smtp properties

Smtp Outbound

Smtp Inbound

Smtp Delivery

Pop General properties

Pop Advanced properties

Relay properties


Note that my ip in the shot have been erease by me.

thanks and pardon my english.

Have a good day.

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