DKIM after disabling domain

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DKIM after disabling domain

Postby RichardSmith » Tue May 29, 2018 1:31 pm

I am currently setting up MailEnable (Standard 10.16) - to send emails (no requirement to receive as this is handled via Office 365).
In order to setup DKIM signing I have setup the domain, created a selector and applied that to the DNS record - this is working, however due to the server then trying to perform local delivery.

I have looked at how our previous server did this (via plesk) and it disabled the postoffice + domain and added ".d" as the tld to the domain, which I have replicated - DKIM is currently still working - should I be doing this any differently or is this the expected behavior?

Is there anything I may need to keep in mind if i need to manage DKIM setting in the future?

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