Collecting All Email in a single mailbox

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Collecting All Email in a single mailbox

Post by ballan »

We've tried to configure collection of all email in a single mailbox for the purpose of a development mail server.

We've followed

As a result our looks like:

Code: Select all

[SMTP:*]	[]	0
[SMTP:*]	[]	0
[]	[]	0
I would expect MTA to send this to the local mailbox, but it seems to disregard our configuration:
08/23/19 21:42:39 [D68A3B729E79447B8B01E72B05539F68.MAI] from (SMTP) []->[] System Default Route Applied.

Any thoughts on where to go next?

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Re: Collecting All Email in a single mailbox

Post by cfdynamics »

You should be able to get this done using the GUI for mailenable. Under the postoffice, go to domains. Edit the domain and select the box you want to be the catchall. Once configured, the catchall collects all mail sent to the domain that is not sent to another existing email address.
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Re: Collecting All Email in a single mailbox

Post by WooZee »

guys please can you help the ME noob

i am trying out Mailenable but have a question

i have a Hetzner Hosted website domain called eg:

i have a Catchall Account on my Hetzner Hosted website domain called eg: allmymail

in mailenable local domain eg: i have Configured the Postmaster for the Catchall email address/mailbox

in mailenable i have created 5 users eg: user1, user2, user3, user4, user5

i have configured my Mailenable Postmater user for POP Retrieval from my Hetzner Hosted Website catchall account. ie: Mailenable Postmaster is collecting All my email from my External Hosted Hetzner Website Catchall account called allmymail

all the email is downloaded from my Hetzner Website catchall account into my Mailenable Postmaster User account

my question is how in Mailenable do i get all mail for the created mailenable users to be placed into each user mailbox within Mailenable from the Postmaster user mailbox

any help greatly appreciated

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Re: Collecting All Email in a single mailbox

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Sorry, it is not able to do this. It can only retrieve from one remote mailbox to one local mailbox. It can do many of these, but it cannot redistribute the emails to different mailboxes based on the email address. The destination is the one mailbox. Possibly using the Professional version you can make global filters to check headers and redirect, but it is not something it has as as feature.

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