Ehlo delivers false IP Adress

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Ehlo delivers false IP Adress

Post by emsh » Tue Oct 15, 2019 12:22 pm

I was porting a mailEnable Server with Server 2012 to a new Server with server 2016 and new external IP-Adress.
The Server is behind NAT like the old Server and have the same local IP-Address.
The Old Server is down and the new one works fine exept for sending Mails to some Providers.
An telnetcheck offers me, that ehlo delivers the external ip form the old server and i dont find the place in mailEnable-Admin where i can change this. Ping maliservername show the correct ip-Adress and outgoing Adress in smtp-Propertys is the Local IP of the server.
How can i change the ehlo-Answer to the correct IP-Address?



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