Act as Smart Host Gmail

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Act as Smart Host Gmail

Post by ilker » Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:13 am

Act as Smart Host: backup mail server for the domain.

my domain have multiple mx record, firt priority Gmail after MailEnable server.
my domain email hosted to Gmail and i want back up emails to MailEnable If there is a problem in gmail.
I set up below setting .
is it enough? Is there a special setting for gmail port etc.?

Domain Properties > Act as Smart Host:

Act as Smart Host:
Redirects all mail for the current domain to another mail server. This would be used if, for instance, the server was acting as a backup mail server for the domain. Specify a port number by adding a colon and port number after the IP address. e.g. Do not enter the IP address of your MailEnable server, as it will create a message loop (the mail server will send to itself) and messages will finally end up in the Bad Mail directory.
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