Error: 'Unknown or Disabled User!'

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Error: 'Unknown or Disabled User!'

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I cannot login with any of the users I create in the admin dashboard.

- The users are enabled.
- IME_ADMIN has full rights to the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable' directory
- definitely entering the correct username and password.

not sure what else I need to do.

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Re: Error: 'Unknown or Disabled User!'

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Are you using the full username of mailbox@postoffice? Was this a new installation, as you may need to reboot the server after installation. Are there any errors in the Windows event log?

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Re: Error: 'Unknown or Disabled User!'

Post by petergroft »

The Account that the user wants to use is disabled in the “MailEnable” Administration Program.

Solution :
Log in to the windows server.
Click on “MailEnable Administrator”.
Under messaging manager tab, click on “Post Offices”.
Here click on the username and right-click on the user to Enable or Disable the user.


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