DKIM for Exchange Out of Office / Auto-reply

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DKIM for Exchange Out of Office / Auto-reply

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We are using Mailenable 10 for all of our outgoing email, some of which is generated from our on-prem exchange servers, which host multiple domains. All outgoing domains are signed with DKIM and that is working great.

Out of Office / Auto-replies are sent by exchange with a blank return-path, and it so it seems that MailEnable is not matching it against the domain, and is instead using postmaster@<ourdomain> and signing it that way instead of using the customer's domain. Of course the receiving email server rejects it as not properly signed.

Is there a way to get Mailenable to ignore the blank return path and use the "From" field for matching?

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Re: DKIM for Exchange Out of Office / Auto-reply

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It should still pass in this this case, the null sender should not matter since the DKIM header will contain the information for the recipient to verify the email contents. Usually the problem is SPF, not DKIM. I can check to see if there is a problem if you email, and we can get the info from you about a email address we can test against and tell you if there is a problem.

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