How do I set up MailEnable on a web server???

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How do I set up MailEnable on a web server???

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I used to rent a web server to run my .Net game which worked properly with Mail Enable on Windows 2012 Server R2.

I am now hosting the site from a home server with a static IP.

How do I set up your program? I've tried many times, installing and re-installing because the initial DNS is what I'm not sure about (and maybe other settings) and I don't see any way to change this once the program is installed, hence the uninstalling/re-installing.

I just need the program to send emails out to my players when turns come up, just like it did on the rented server and also to have the email main account accessible via Thunderbird.

Appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you,
Rick Horvath
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Re: How do I set up MailEnable on a web server???

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The initial DNS can be changed after installation under the SMTP general settings. It is the DNS used to resolve domains, which is likely to be the same as your home server is using. If you open a command prompt and enter "nslookup" and press Enter, it should give you the DNS IP you are using. Alternatively you can use or which are public DNS, but you won't be able to use reverse DNS blacklists if you do so.

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