i wish someone would help me get this to work

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i wish someone would help me get this to work

Post by mrkite » Fri Jan 21, 2005 3:27 am

Ive listed the info in a previous post. But Ive tried other mail servers too.
i just cannot get any to send out. Cant anyone just say set this to this and that to that, in either the server or the client? if I have a server what does outlooks settings have to do with sending mail?
Whenever i try it, it just sends an e-mail to me with this message

MailEnable: Message Delivery Failure.

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

[SMTP:admin@localhost]: The message could not be delivered because the domain name (localhost) does not appear to be valid.

Message contents follow:

I did not address anything to admin at localhost, I addressed it to xxx@sbcglobal.net. (my own account) and got no real message except this sent to yyy@xxxyyy.com, a mailbox on my domain.

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Post by MailEnable-Ian » Fri Jan 21, 2005 5:09 am


This Kb article explains about installing Mailenable:
http://www.mailenable.com/support/Mail% ... 0Guide.pdf

Try reading this quick start guide to get you started:
http://www.mailenable.com/support/Mail% ... 0Guide.pdf

You will need adobe acrobat reader to view the guides


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