smtp limits ... must have this please

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smtp limits ... must have this please

Postby carrabino » Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:22 pm

hi Ian,

long time customer --- really love Mail Enable. Unfortunately, my mail server keeps getting attacked and occasionally accounts get compromised which cause long-term problems ... my mail server IP gets banned from yahoo, outlook, etc. I was hacked again yesterday (25,000 spam emails were sent out in 2 days).

I give up.

Email is not my primary business ... it's an extra service i provide ... so this is very frustrating.

I need the Pro edition to support more hacking/spam-sending prevention features:
- set limits on the # of SMTP sends (1 setting all up or by domain/mailbox, set limits per day, hour)
- automated temporary shutdown of the breached account (or server) (1,4,8,12, 24 hours) to give me time to react
- email or live notifications (SMSmessages) sent when a threshold breaks (e.g. over 100 emails in 15 minutes)
- some automated blocking
- and anything else to help me get a handle on this

i realize some of these features exist in Enterprise, but the Pro edition is what i have. I'm not an enterprise. I can't handle these spam attacks anymore. If i can't get these features soon i will be forced to stop providing email support altogether and will no longer be in the mail service business. I suggest that all security and spam prevention features should be common across all editions. By setting SKU functionality on these core features, you're creating vulnerable Mail Enable servers, which is bad for your brand. I managed commercial software for 20+ years (multiple software editions, SKUs etc.) may i suggest making these security/anti spam sending features common across your product line and distinguish your editions with other features and licensing for bigger companies.

Any advice that can help me today would be great.

thanks Ian,

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Re: smtp limits ... must have this please

Postby MailEnable-Ian » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:24 am


The Professional edition does contain the security features that can help prevent server abuse. The only feature it doesn't provide is alerts as this is an exclusive option within the "Metray" utility in the Enterprise edition. Can you elaborate on the security features that you have enabled within the SMTP properties (in particular the option to restrict the amount of messages that can be sent per hour)? Have you enabled the "Abuse detection and prevention" policy under the "Localhost > Policies" tab? Have you enforced password policies for your mailboxes and changed them to use complex passwords?

Ian Margarone
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Re: smtp limits ... must have this please

Postby carrabino » Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:14 pm

I totally missed the Localhost property settings and was focused on the SMTP tab.

I now enabled Abuse detection and prevention and will roll out the new password policy (will need to notify clients first).

Please consider some sort of email for breaches so my server doesn't go 4-5 days sending spam -- most mobile carriers support an email format that gets converted to SMTP so an email would be perfect.

again, thanks for fast reply Ian.


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