ME 10.3 Spam Protection not updating Email Headers

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ME 10.3 Spam Protection not updating Email Headers

Post by solucionmike » Fri Jul 17, 2020 1:15 am

I have setup SpamAssassan in Spam Protection and added in a Filter in Filters : Enable "Where message fails SpamAssassin verification with an Action to Mark message as SPAM.

What I have noticed that the ME Spam Protection does not add any SPAM Protection results and weights etc. in the Email Header.

I am expecting in the header of all Emails to see something like:

X-ME-Spam: Low (or High or Medium etc.) and also what were the actual scores of all Tests were like Black List, Key words, Spam Assassin etc.

Does someone know how we get ME Spam protection to add/update the header details with the Spam criteria values of inbound emails.

Mike May

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Re: ME 10.3 Spam Protection not updating Email Headers

Post by adz » Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:09 am

As a prior MX_Scan user - I solved my problems by installing spam assassin in a box (buying the service version). (Thanks Mailenable).

I wanted access to the SPAMAssassin Headers which I agree appear to be stripped by MailEnable. So I had to couple using the Mailenable MTA system like MX_Scan. So I created a Filter.CMD file to run a vbscript that calls spamc.exe and edited the file to use the add_header command to restrict the added headers. Thank fully these headers are available for Mailenable global filtering. Notably X-ME-Spam appears to be added after global filtering which is not good for me. X-ME-Bayesian appears to be added before which is good (you can do criteria value searching)

SpamAssassin appears to be pretty good on its own without Bayesian training.

This got me to a good place wherein I can use the ME global filters.
To get to a better place (diminishing returns) I scan particular folders and outgoing mail to add to my manual bayesian tests in spamassassin in a box (spamc.exe) rather than MailEnable Bayesian. This way I don't have to restart mailenable services (phew). I also maintain a list of safesenders as I scan all outgoing mail to add safe email addresses.

I needed file monitoring software for the above and email SDK's (which I already had).

I could also use MailEnable Bayesian honeypot email addresses (these don't require a restart of the mailenable services).
In summary for most users, in my opinion, there should be an option not to strip SPAMAssassin Headers. Also X-ME-Spam should be added before global filtering (which it doesn't appear to be the case). For me I also need to maintain a list of trusted external senders that are never caught by SPAM.

Aside: MX_Scan had backscatter and other features (backscatter etc). I can't find a good self hosted system with a similar pricepoint to old MX_Scan. For me I don't really need these and spam-assassin-in-a-box is good enough.
I would appreciate hearing about anyone else's experience. Hope my experience helps someone.

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Re: ME 10.3 Spam Protection not updating Email Headers

Post by poweredge » Wed Jun 23, 2021 3:35 am

Could you share more with us please? Thanks.

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