HTTPMail not working

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HTTPMail not working

Post by kpenland » Tue Dec 02, 2003 2:16 pm

I'm using the demo version of professional and can't seem to get HTTPMail working. I followed the examples in the documentation and Outlook express tells me it can't contact the server. I installed the latest version last night and during install it told me that it was installed and running on port 8080. The diagnostics says it's running. Netstat-a shows port 8080 listening. Any other tests I can make? What have I missed?


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Outlook 2003?

Post by Kogo » Tue Dec 02, 2003 7:53 pm

What mail client version are you using? I had trouble with Outlook 2003 and was told they are working on compatibility with that client (if I remember correctly).

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Post by kpenland » Tue Dec 02, 2003 8:46 pm

I'm using Outlook Express 6


where's MEHTTPMAIL virtual directory under my IIS site?

Post by bw3740 » Thu Dec 04, 2003 5:33 am

i can't get HTTP mail to work under eval version of Professional either.

shouldn't there be some utility to install a MEHTTPMAIL virtual directory like there is for MEWEBMAIL and MEADMIN so that the 8080 request gets forwarded?


Post by Guest » Thu Dec 04, 2003 12:39 pm

What are you putting in the client for the server? It should look somthing like . After I had this information it has worked great for me.

John Thurston


Post by Guest » Wed Dec 10, 2003 12:41 am

I originally had mePro installed on a win2k professional machine, HTTPMail did not work. I installed mePro on a win2k Server and now HTTPMail works. So, maybe there is a connection?

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HTTPmail troubleshooting

Post by davids » Sat Jan 17, 2004 4:08 am


Trying to use HTTPmail in Outlook 2002 client on Windows 2000 Professional without success. I get following error:

Task 'MailEnable - Sending' reported error (0x80004005) : 'Outlook's request to the server failed.
The server responded ''. '

I have set Server URL to 'http://localhost:8080/MEHTTPMail' as the MailEnable Mail Server is on the same box as Outlook client.


ME Response

Post by guest » Thu Feb 03, 2005 10:37 pm

is it just me ?????

or has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of tech support from the oys at ME ????

I have been using the standard edition for ages and it seems rock solid...
I have just installed the pro version and......httpmail not working at all, imap falling over every few minutes, webmail looks like it's been written for an old green screen (i.e. horrific graphice and functionallity)...

This makes me really sad as the standard version is excellent, the pro version seems far too flakey (nowhere near enough testing by ME), and i'm not even going to bother trying the enterprise version.

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