NAV 8.x Intelligent Updater Automated

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NAV 8.x Intelligent Updater Automated

Post by andyvm » Tue Mar 30, 2004 6:35 pm

A while back on my local network I setup NAV to download the Intelligent Updates. Just wanted to pass along the scripts used if anyone is interested.

I have my scripts logging to a log file when it updates. Copy the Code into the designated file names, save the files to c:\, make a couple modifications and you're in.

File number 1: cegetter.bat

Code: Select all

ftp -s:cescript.txt
call "%systemdrive%\navup8.exe"
ECHO %DATE% - %TIME% :: 
move %systemdrive%\*.xdb "c:\LocationOfNAV"
) >> SymantecIU.log
del /q %systemdrive%\navup8.exe
Modifications needed for cegetter.bat:
Change "c:\LocationOfNAV" to the location of your NAV install (Ex: "c:\program files\symantec antivirus")

File Number 2: cescript.txt

Code: Select all

cd public/english_us_canada/antivirus_definitions/norton_antivirus/static
lcd C:\
get navup8.exe
Modifications for cescript.txt, None.


Copy these 2 files to your c:\. When you want to run the update execute cegetter.bat I have it set to Log to SymantecIU.log when it updates.

You can find more info on Intelligent Updater at: ... SAVCE.html

You can use Windows Scheduler to schedule the updater to run. I have mine run every 3 hours (Seperate line item for each time it runs). Make sure you run the script as Administrator or equiv.

Good Luck,

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