Max PostOffices or Mailboxes per Server

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Max PostOffices or Mailboxes per Server

Postby calfordgreen » Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:16 am

Does anyone have knowledge or even opinion on the max number of post offices or mailboxes that ME Pro can handle on a single server?
I guess depends on how many emails being sent/received as well...

I have a server with about 60 Post Offices and probably 600 - 1,000 mailboxes that is starting to perform extremely badly.
It isn't cpu (between 2% and 10% usage generally) and it isn't memory (between 30% and 50% generally) it is I/O I think...

I'm not using DB version, I'm using txt version and the disk is normal IDE not SSD, but I can't throw CPU or Memory at it when it is I/O bound...

Just wondering it others have bigger setups, I'm sure they must... I am slowly trying to migrate postoffices off this server onto another server and don't want to find that I have now over loaded the new server.. so any advice would be so much appreciated...

Migrating single post offices isn't as easy as I think it should be, no easy way to pull all mailbox configs (including redirections) as well as Groups and lists configured etc) to move a single post office from one ME to another ME :(

Any help/advice would be appreciated,

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