Blacklist, report as spam, and spam filtering

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Blacklist, report as spam, and spam filtering

Postby christinbjornrud » Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:33 pm

I can't find how to get the mailbox's blacklist to work for the web mail users. We add to blacklist, but the emails keep coming from the blacklisted email addresses anyway.
Where do we find the right settings to configure? Where are the actual blacklists saved? In which file? Or is there a way to import a number of domains from a .txt file?

We also "Report as spam", and we've set it up so those emails reported as spam are deleted.
I've searched the forum, but didn't find any answers.

And does the "Enable Mailbox Spam Filtering" work? It's set to add prefix, but nothing is added to the subject of all the spam emails...

We would really appreciate some help here... :D :roll:

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