Groups, Redirects, and Autoresponder's ... oh my!

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Groups, Redirects, and Autoresponder's ... oh my!

Postby groberts3 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:32 pm

Help :D

I have various group mailboxes and redirects setup. For example, might contain 10 of my salesmen .... if 1 of the salesmen sits his Autoresponder/Out of Office, and someone email, everyone in the group + the person that sent it gets a response.

It can get annoying, because the person sending the email doesn't know how John Doe is, or cares that he's out of the office. Nor does the entire sales staff care. Especially for every email sent.

Is there any way to turn something on for the autoresponder that says, if the email isn't sent directly to me (ie: then don't respond?

Please say yes. I so need an easy solution and we love your product ....

Please and thank you :D

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