Mailenable webmail showing disk usage different than on disk

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Mailenable webmail showing disk usage different than on disk

Postby EvanJacobs » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:48 am

Hi Team,

I am using Mailenable professional version 9.73 in which we are facing issue for one of the mailbox. Clients mailbox folder is showing 36 GB size in the server (containing all folders sent items,drafts, inbox and so on..) but when i open the email id in mailenable webmail disk space is showing 11 GB.

Things checked :

1. One of the KB suggests to go to Mailenable Management -- Messaging manager -- Properties -- Administration -- and use "calculate sizes(slow), default one which is selected is "Use precalculated sizes(fast) -- which is showing wrong data usage
2. So once i select the calculate sizes(slow) and do a refresh on mailbox it shows correct ie.e 36 GB usage but again in webmail its showing the 11 GB only
3. So i figured out its taking the size from _DIRSIZE.TMP File, so i removed all the files including _index.xml and tried to recreate it by logging to the account again
4. After logging in the issue still persists.

Kindly help me to fix it.

Also now i am getting the Error ME-E5005 message after opening the webmail for sometime, i can see FULL permission is given to IME_ADMIN in the postoffice folder and its subdirectories(inherited).

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Re: Mailenable webmail showing disk usage different than on disk

Postby MailEnable-Ian » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:11 am


The first step is to download and upgrade MailEnable to 9.77 to see if this resolves the problem with quota and the Error ME-E5005.

If the upgrade does not help then you will need to download "Process Monitor" ( and filter on the "w3wp.exe" process to see if there are "Access Denied" errors when accessing web mail for more clues.

Ian Margarone
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