Version 10 Webmail

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Version 10 Webmail

Postby dbly » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:16 pm

I migrated and upgraded one of my Mailenable Professional servers to from version 9.x version 10.1 last week, and users are screaming. Some of the issues I have been able to resolve, such as the change in the way that Version 10 inserts the IP address of the webmail user. The new version puts it in the received header instead of a custom header, and thus all users on dynamic IP addresses are getting their mail blocked by anybody using spam assassin because they are on a DUL list. I've turned off the address insertion in options but now I have to check logs to see the origination of a message instead of a checking headers.

However, there is one functionality change that is having my users screaming - and that is that when someone is browsing their mail and a new message comes in that they are bounced back to the top of the message list instead of just getting a "you have new mail" popup. On accounts that get lots of messages it is KILLING their productivity because they have to keep searching and re-searching for the message that they were reading at the time. One user has complained that as soon as she finds a message and tries to print it half of the time a new message comes in and she has to start over. I realize that she is exaggerating a bit, but it is really causing clients some problems -- enough problems that they are considering downgrading back to version 9. Are their any workarounds for this issue?

Additionally, the multiple message select features using shift-click are screwed. If I select a message, scroll down (or up) , and shift-click a second message it selects messages from the top of the screen down instead of selecting the messages in-between. If I press the control key while pressing the arrows and the message list scrolls, it will in some cases actually UNSELECT a selected message, or if a click a message and hold the shift key down while using the scroll wheel, and select a second message, it only selects a portion of the message and un-selects the one first selected.

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