Spam Words Filter Fooled by CR LF

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Spam Words Filter Fooled by CR LF

Postby MailManSam » Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:42 pm

I set up a spam filter that uses a list of words or combinations of words with wildcards.
I noticed that some emails were getting through, apparently due to a <CR><LF> in the email subject field.
Upon examining the subject line of one of the emails in a hex editor, I found the following:
"mute the ringing sound in your<CR><LF> ears by drinking this in the morning"
The webmail client email list shows only the space between "your" and "ears" and after opening the email the two words are shown as "yourears".
My filter key word string is:
I assume that the filter sees *ringing* and stops scanning the string when it reaches the <CR><LF>.
The wildcard apparently does not apply to special characters.
Is there a solution or work-around for this?

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