One server with two addresses

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One server with two addresses

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We have MailEnable Professional running in Windows 2019 server. The server has a single fixed IP-address. We have two domains, and

How could we configure the server so that each domain would have its own addresses, so for example: for webmail
for certificates we have been using let's encrypt. Would this be somehow doable, or should we just have one set of address from imap and smtp to use for both domains?

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Re: One server with two addresses

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You would create two postoffices, likely one and the other Then add the relevant domains under each of the postoffices. Your DNS for the different domains just have to point to the same IP address, as it does not matter to the mail server configuration. It knows the destination of inbound emails by the email address given. The POP/SMTP/IMAP services can use SNI so if you are using certs for each of the domains then it will pick up the correct certificate.

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