SpamhausZen blocking my outbound email

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SpamhausZen blocking my outbound email

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I've been having an issue that most of my outbound email has not been going through. I finally tracked it down to MailEnable thinking that my own IP address was in SpamhausZen, but when I checked both my IP address and domain with Spamhaus it reported that there was no issues. I removed SpamhausZen from DNS Blacklisting in my SMTP service and now all my messages are going through. I've also had the same issue with inbound mail with customers using mail from domains other than Gmail or Yahoo telling me they sent me messages that I didn't receive only to find records of their attempts in the MailEnable logs blocked by SpamhausZen.

I don't like having SpamhausZen disabled, because it does block many spammers, but I can't have it blocking my own messages from getting out or messages from my customers which caused a huge disruption for my business. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Is there a problem with Spamhaus? Why would Spamhaus tell me there's no issues but MailEnable tell me that Spamhaus reported there is an issue?

The following are the log messages from my SMTP-Debug log:
04/08/23 20:04:19 ME-I0107: [1116] Relay Granted: Sender IP ( is within an authorized IP range.
04/08/23 20:04:19 ME-I0149: [1116] 24F05EE0F7724599AD230DF0A63E664A.MAI was received successfully and delivery thread was initiated
04/08/23 20:04:19 ME-I0074: [1116] (Debug) End of conversation
04/08/23 20:04:19 Message 24F05EE0F7724599AD230DF0A63E664A.MAI has link to blacklisted IP. (REDACTED) was found in blacklist SpamhausZEN
04/08/23 20:04:19 ME-F0xxx: [24F05EE0F7724599AD230DF0A63E664A.MAI] Inbound message detected as spam and deleted.

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Re: SpamhausZen blocking my outbound email

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The problem is that you have configured SpamhausZen as a URL blacklisting DNS. You should not do this, it should only be used under the DNS blacklisting option, since SpamhausZen. So just remove from URL blacklisting - it will incorrectly mark messages as spam otherwise.

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