ME Prof and MX exchanger preference

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ME Prof and MX exchanger preference

Post by nemsrl » Wed Sep 01, 2004 7:17 am

I've got problems sending mail to one specific domain, which has 3 mail servers and sometimes the smtp server with the higher preference is not online or respond "Server busy.....".
First of all I want to know if ME Prof try to reach the other smtp servers with lower preferences.

this is my ME activity log regard this problem :

SMTP-OU 45E5AE6A59EB463DA3EA8F2A5B8854.MAI 284 CONN 421 Server busy. Try later ... 0 32

SMTP-OU F1BE957C40B544DD8E3E288365137.MAI 312 CONN 421 Server busy. Try later ... 0 32

the ip address is which is ( at the moment ) the MX exchanger with preference 10

and this is the debug log :

09/01/04 09:02:19 ME-I0123: Domain [] has MX list [,,]
09/01/04 09:02:19 ME-I0026: [F1BE957C40B544DD8E3E288365137.MAI] Sending message
09/01/04 09:02:19 ME-I0009: [45E5AE6A59EB463DA3EA8F2A5B8854.MAI] Remote server has closed connection (error 0)
09/01/04 09:02:19 ME-E0010: [45E5AE6A59EB463DA3EA8F2A5B8854.MAI] Outbound Error receiving response from remote server (error 10053).
09/01/04 09:02:19 ME-E0037: [45E5AE6A59EB463DA3EA8F2A5B8854.MAI] HELO Command Failed.
09/01/04 09:02:19 ME-E0008: [45E5AE6A59EB463DA3EA8F2A5B8854.MAI] Outbound, could not send the command to the server (error 10053).
09/01/04 09:02:19 ME-E0048: [45E5AE6A59EB463DA3EA8F2A5B8854.MAI] - Transmission errors occurred during delivery. Message has been re-queued.


Any help would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance.
NEM srl - Italy
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Post by MailEnable-Ben » Thu Sep 02, 2004 5:09 am

It seems from the information you have supplied below that the fail is temporary and as such the message will be retried. MailEnable by using MX DNS will retry the second mail server if the connection fails but this has to be on a permanent error (if the server is down or not contactable)

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