Customizing default messages from Mailenable

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Customizing default messages from Mailenable

Post by shanem » Sun Feb 13, 2005 9:36 pm

I have been trying to customize some of my default messages for SPAM filtering and Virus scanning. I have found where to edit the default new mailbox message, but I want to get more customization. I have not seen any knowledge base articles on this, so I am looking to the community.

Where do I customize these messages?

1) The text file that is attached, when a virus has been removed? I have a different message typed into the field under the antivirus tab>> options>> in the MMC, but the original message still arrives in the ttachement. I have restarted the MTA, and rebooted, but it is still showing the wrong message? Is there a notepad file I can edit in the root, rather than the MMC?

2) The FROM address and FROM name on filter notifications?

3) The subject line of emails caught by a filter, in particular the SPAM.

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Post by MailEnable-Ian » Tue Feb 15, 2005 1:16 am


1. Are you using the latest version of Professional, if so then you can create AV filters that can be configured with Notify Reciepient/Sender actions that can be setup either using default text to be returned or the use of a template that can be changed to your likings. You can find this setting by creating a filter in the MMC and when you have added the action to notify, double click it to open the actions configuration window, here you can either use the default text specified or the use of the template.

2. Will be returned if you use the VIRUS template, like explained.

3. Will be returned if the VIRUS template is used.

The latest version of mailenable professional can be found here:


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