DNS Blacklist per domain?

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DNS Blacklist per domain?

Post by bozak » Fri Jan 20, 2006 5:48 pm

Is it possible to put DNS blacklisting on a single domain?
Or more to the point, make some domains not use the blacklisting?

I had blacklisting set to on for the known blacklists, but once in a while, a legitimate user tries to email, but their domains mail server is on a blacklist.

For some of my clients, this is fine, some of them, get all freaked out when some user (usually at lame yahoo address) can't email them a $40k proposal (yeah I didn't understand why someone would rely on email for a proposal that big either).

Long story short ...

reverse DNS blacklisting is great most of the time, but I can't use cause I have a couple whiney clients who freak out when they miss a mail.

SpamAssasin is pretty weak, cause it tags almost everything as spam, (except for 50% of the real spam, which glides right by it)

So ... do I have to tell the users who can't deal with blacklisting to get another ISP? or can I turn off blacklisting for just them.

With SPAM being such a major problem, I'd like to see more control in ME for stopping/controlling spam. Personally, I think someone hacked ME and got it to dump all the addresses, as all of a sudden the spam has increased by 2400 percent. (I get 100 per day now)

I think the penalty for spam should be death.
or at least having all your equipment pissed on.

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Post by paarlberg » Fri Jan 20, 2006 7:38 pm

I am using MEFilter to move all spam into a SPAM folder in webmail or IMAP for the user. I also have an SPF and blacklisted folder.

You can add senders to a whitelist on a per domain level.

The MEFilter site is down at the moment, but you can keep checking at www.mefilter.com and go to the forums.

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