Unknown ERROR - SMTP refusing to send mail

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Unknown ERROR - SMTP refusing to send mail

Post by labsy » Tue Mar 28, 2006 1:54 pm

On my mail server, latest ME Pro 1.74, I get errors sending mail FROM some specified domains. I can send from some domains, but from others not, but I see no difference in settings for those domains.

ME returns mail with UNKNOWN ERROR:

Code: Select all

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

        Recipient: [SMTP:andrej@studiotrg.si]
        Reason: -
If I send mail via same server using account on the same server, but on different local domain, mail passes OK.

In SMTP LOG I found this:

Code: Select all

03/28/06 15:27:31	ME-E0010: [FF0CB50F97B246CE9D8AD4BD4F3DBF4C.MAI] Outbound Error receiving response from remote server (error 10060).
03/28/06 15:27:31	ME-E0036: [FF0CB50F97B246CE9D8AD4BD4F3DBF4C.MAI] MAIL FROM Command Failed.
03/28/06 15:27:31	ME-E0008: [FF0CB50F97B246CE9D8AD4BD4F3DBF4C.MAI] Outbound, could not send the command to the server (error 10038).
03/28/06 15:27:31	ME-E0060: [FF0CB50F97B246CE9D8AD4BD4F3DBF4C.MAI] - System could not be delivered to its target domain (studiotrg.si). Message returned to Sender.
Any idea?
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Post by MailEnable-Ben » Fri Mar 31, 2006 12:08 am

May need more for this - Post it again with the full bounced message and the activity log extract for the message failure.

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