ASP.Net API. Where to start ?

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ASP.Net API. Where to start ?

Postby Nyco » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:59 am


Something is not clear about the MailEnable .Net API and its documentation. Please help me answer the following questions ?

Which dll should be put in the "bin" folder of an ASP.Net application in order to access the Message Store API, or whatever API in order to build new Email related web functionnality within other applications ?

Which documentation fits to it ?

Do i need the "MEStore.dll" file ? if yes, where do i get it from ?

Do i need "NetWebmail.dll" or "MEWebmail.dll" ? if yes, where do i get them from ?

Are there any concrete code examples, like how to login to a mailbox, how to read message headers, how to add an appointment ?

Currently when i put the "MEWebAdmin.dll" inside the bin folder i get Intellisense that's different from the API Guide instructions available for download from the "Developers / Resources" page on

Your product is good, but your documentation is not clear. So please tell me i won't be wasting time and money during the upcoming weeks trying to figure out how and where to start in order to add Email functionnality to our applications by using the MailEnable Server and API ?


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Re: ASP.Net API. Where to start ?

Postby mattblack » Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:06 pm

Same question here... please can someone answer?

And yes the documentation is beyond crap!

I'm holding onto my $1,200 until ME show us how this works.

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Re: ASP.Net API. Where to start ?

Postby MailEnable » Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:14 pm

This page contains downloads for the store and administration assembly DLLs, documentation and samples:

To use the .NET API, you need to add the respective assembly as a reference to your application and distribute the assembly DLL in your applications bin directory.
Regards, Andrew

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