getinfos and delete Mailmessage (VB.NET)

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getinfos and delete Mailmessage (VB.NET)

Postby MailenableUser69 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:22 pm



I sent a lot of newsletters for various cinemas and have to delete invalid emails from my newsletter database.

The solution should be such that I check incoming emails and delete them in Mailenable after being deleting my newsletterdatabase.

My Questions:

Is there a possibility of reading the delivery status?

When I get a mail message with MailEnable.Messages.MailMessage[s], how can I get more details about this Mailmessage received?
There exists the class MailEnable.Messages.MailMessage[], how can I assign this to Mailmessages?

e.g.: lMailmessage = lMailmessages(1)

How can I delete a Mailmessage via the API?

So far I have programmed:
Dim lMessages As New MailEnable.Messages.MailMessages
lMessages.Postoffice = "Post Office"
lMessages.UserName = "myname"

'the data to see
lDataGridView1.DataSource = lMessages.ListMessages()

Greetings and thanks

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