Question regarding command file

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Question regarding command file

Postby pootwaddle » Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:46 pm

I currently create automated emails and their associated control

I was wondering if I can create more than one line of "TO" addresses
in the control file - more than one "Recipients" line?


{edited to change terminology from "envelope" file to "control" file.
What I am referring to is the auxiliary file that has to be created and put
in the outbound queue folder while the actual message file gets placed in the
outbound queue/messages folder...}
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Re: Question regarding envelope file

Postby pootwaddle » Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:29 am

Hmmm, no answer?

I see where TO: is handled in the email file and in the control file.

How do you handle CC: and BCC: in these files?

Specifically, in the control file, there is a line labeled "RECIPIENTS" - do the
CC: and BCC: recipients go in this list along with the TO: recipients?

Thanks and please consider answering.


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Re: Question regarding command file

Postby MailEnable » Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:28 pm

Your teminolody was correct regarding envelope and letter.
You can consider the command file to be the envelope and the letter is the RFC822 formatted message contents file.

A descrepency in the analogy is that the envelope can be addressed to multiple recipients, however in traditional snail mail, it is delivered to only 1 recipient (or at least 1 target).

The command file/envelope contains the routing information. You can literally have a message be routed to whoever you want irrespective to the contents of the message. The analogy holds with snail mail whereby you can stick the wrong birthday invitation into an envelope.

This very means is how BBCs are handled. BBCs are just recipients of the message (placed in the control file) but not appearing in the message content/message file.
That is precisely how they are implemented.

There is nothing special about CC recipients, since they appear in both the message and control file (ie: they are the same as To: recipients, but are just labelled differently in the message).

You can see how this works by using you mail client to send a message to multiple recipients (including BBC) and stopping the MTA. You can then open the command file and message file up in the queues and you will see that the control file has multiple recipients specified - but the BBC recipients are not noted in the message content file.

The message control file is typically generated as a result of the SMTP transaction occuring when the message is being delivered to the mail server. ie: MailEnable generates this file. The mail client or sending e-mail server is entirely responsible for generating the message content file; and MailEnable just passes this on according to the routing information specified in the SMTP transaction.
Regards, Andrew

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