AddListMember not working in ASP page

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AddListMember not working in ASP page

Postby mabian » Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:30 pm


we are trying this code fragment in an ASP page (of course strings in angular brackets are placeholders) :

dim ObjMemList,result
Set ObjMemList = server.CreateObject("MEAOLS.ListMember")

ObjMemList.AccountName = "<valid postoffice name>"
ObjMemList.ListName = "<valid list name>"
ObjMemList.ListMemberType = 0
ObjMemList.Status = 1
ObjMemList.Address = "[SMTP:<valid email address>]"
result = ObjMemList.AddListMember()

response.write "result: " & result

The page returns 1 as result but the specified address is not added to the list (the console doesn't show it at least).
We are using ME Pro 4.16.

What's wrong?


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Re: AddListMember not working in ASP page

Postby MailEnable » Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:27 am

What is contained in the TAB file under the config directory for the given list.
You will find it under the CONFIG/POSTOFFICE/PostofficeName/... directory.

It will give you more insight as to what is wrong with your entry in the LISTNAME.TAB file. ie: make one via MMC and one via your app and inspect the file to see what differences there are.
Regards, Andrew

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