Is MailEnable suitable for my needs

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Is MailEnable suitable for my needs

Postby steve1234 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:00 pm


I've trawled though the forums, faqs and such but there's a couple of questions I'd like answering before trialling the software:

I run a win2003 server, IIS 6.0 with currently a mail application that has it's own control panel that's pretty lame to be honest and definitely not scriptable. I'm pretty good with asp classic, not at all interested in .NET and don't have sql server on the computer.

Question 1:
If I install mailenable, will I still be able to use the current mail application without any problem whilst I a) test and b) migrate clients over a period of time if I find mailenable suitable. I don't want to load mailenable and then find my email service has disappeared for all my clients so how does the server/software know which email app to use? are these DNS settings changes? Currently I have DNS records with an MX record of "mail" and an A record of mail with the server ip address...(sorry - not a dns expert!)

Question 2:
I have my own CMS system with a number of clients. I'm looking to use mailenable so I can write my own email address management application for the cms so clients don't have to pester me for new accounts and lost passwords. I assume mailenable does this easily through the API?

Question 3:
Does the standard free edition do the basics of what I need to enable be to write scripts to create and maintain email accounts for multiple domains? I'll probably end up with the pro edition anyway but I like to trial and test the software first.



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