Help using memail.message

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Help using memail.message

Postby greg123 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:20 am

Hi all,

OS: windows server 2003
Mailenable: 3.6

I was hoping somebody could help. We are using memail.message to send a daily email which sends round some info. It is a script in VBS format which is sent daily using "scheduled tasks". However, just recently, it has stopped working for seemingly no reason.

This is the script we have been using:

Function SendEmail(strMail,strMsg)
Dim oMail
Set oMail = CreateObject("MEMail.Message")
oMail.MailFrom = ""
oMail.MailFromDisplayName = "2simpleweb"
'oMail.ContentType = "text/html;"
oMail.ContentType = "text/ascii;"
oMail.MailTo = strMail
oMail.Subject = "New passwords"
oMail.MessageBody = strMsg
Set oMail = Nothing
End Function

The only clue I have found is in event viewer: This is generated each time the script is run.

Event Type: Information
Event Source: VBRuntime
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1
Date: 25/08/2010
Time: 08:00:08
User: N/A
Computer: DS5464
The VB Application identified by the event source logged this Application MEMail: Thread ID: 4060 ,Logged: 25/08/2010 08:00:08-Recipient failed to server (localhost) Msg From: Msg To:

Any help would be much appreciated.



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